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Deactivated & Blank Firing Guns for Events

How many of us have watched films or played computer games and seen guns firing and wanted to get their hands on the real thing or have a go at 'firing' the blanks that actors use? Also, at many of the re enactment shows that Hands on History attend re enactors have battle displays where they fire blanks at each other from their guns. The bangs, flashes and smoke add to the excitement of their displays.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a go handling real guns from different periods of history or firing one of the blank guns? Hands on History has now put together a 'have a go' activity where you can safely. in a controlled manner, handle our real, deactivated weapons. Try firing one of our replica guns from early muskets, flint lock pistols and blunderbusses through six-shooter revolvers to 20th century pistols, submachine guns and rifles. Then you can take your used brass cartridge home with you as a souvenir.