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Handmade Historic Items

Bespoke historic replicas in leather, flint, metal and wood

A peek inside the Hands on History workshops is fascinating; it’s like looking through a window into all manner of time periods. Inside our workshops you will find us hard at work making replicas in wood, leather, metal and flint. Most of the equipment used by Hands on History is made in-house in our workshops and we regularly produce historic replicas from commission.

To give you an idea of the scope of our production capability, we were recently commissioned to equip an Iron Age roundhouse that had recently been built for Sayers Croft in Surrey. We supplied them with beech bread making boards, rotary corn querns, a copper tin-lined cooking pot, an iron cooking tripod with pot chain, an oak storage chest, a hand axe, knife, boar spear and flint and steel kit. We also supplied them with a deer hide, leather prepared hides, cloak pins, a bronze torc and genuine period Celtic and Roman coins. All items were made in-house at our workshops.


Woodworking Shop 

With a full range of modern machinery and period carpentry tools we can produce accurate reproductions, which can be safely used by the public or for demonstrations. Our popular trebuchet, ballista and Roman Onegar were all built in-house. We have produced everything from a working Iron Age loom to traditional furniture from our large stock of native hardwoods such as oak and ash.


Metal Working Shop 

We can make anything from a full suit of medieval armour to swords, spears and replica cannon and mortar. We also work in bronze, copper and brass to produce good copies of Bronze Age tools and weapons.


Leather Working Shop 

We have a wide range of different hides and leathers in stock, which we regularly use to produce our copies of the different leather artefacts found through the ages.


Flint Working 

Although we can do simple flint working in house, we have access to one of the best flint knappers in the region for any orders of museum quality flint tools.


To enquire about our historic replica manufacturing please contact us today.