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History Boxes for Schools

Working with local teachers we have developed a new teaching resource to bring history alive prior to our visit to your school, helping your students to learn more about the history of the period you have booked.

When your school makes a booking with Hands on History we will put together a History Box which will be delivered or posted a month before our visit. Supplied at no extra cost.

Filled with all the small things from the period you book. Coins and clothing, firelighting kit and food. With instructions and patterns for your students to make anything from a paper Viking helmet to a WW2 gasmask and the rules of games played in the past.

We will collect the History Box at the end of our visit to your school.

For further information about our schools vistits please see the 'Schools' page or phone for an informal chat to discuss your needs.

This message was added on 1st September 2014