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Medicine Through the Ages at Events

From ancient times to the present day healers have tried to cure the sick and heal the hurt and injured. Our medical presentations show how from classical times through to the 17th century physicians believed the balance of the four humours made us healthy or sick. Prepare to be shocked by their diagnostic methods from tasting the patient's urine to letting blood! Surgical techniques however have changed little over time as you will see when we carry out an amputation on the injured left leg of our 'patient'. The one big difference is there was no anaesthetic or pain relief and the 'patient' would be awake throughout the operation feeling every part of it!

On our school visits students enjoy learning the gruesome techniques of doctors from the past. Do you know what they used leeches and maggots for? Would you like to know a good cure for a sore throat? I will give you a hint - one of the ingredients to be swallowed is a live spider!