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Paintball shooting cannon

Hands on History has built three small cannon from the period of the English Civil War to the Napoleonic Wars. Mounted on small gun carriages these cannon can be shot by all ages in a safe and controlled environment.

The bang from the guns and the splat of the paintballs hitting the period targets of enemy cannon, cavalry and infantry has made this a very popular and enjoyable activity for both children and adults.

With safety barriers, backscreen and non-toxic and biodegradable paintballs this is a safe and popular activity for all the family.

During the summer holidays Hands on History had its new Medieval and Tudor paintball shooting cannons at Bodiam Castle (see Events page).These three cannon were full size and sat on full size period guncarriages

The target was very special! A large 3D model of Bodiam Castle, 26 ft long by 10ft high, with its men at arms to guard it.