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The Stone Age

Interactive Stone Age History Workshops and Resources for Schools


The Stone Age history period has been included in the 2014 curriculum. This is a fascinating period and we have many interesting resources and hands on activities prepared for it. If you want to kick off this new topic in style, ask us how we can bring the ‘wow' factor into your classroom with fun, informative and interactive Stone Age learning days.

We love working with primary and secondary schools across Sussex, Surrey and Kent on their Ks1, Ks2 and Ks3 history curriculum topics.


The Stone Age

The Stone Age was a prehistoric period during which stone was the main material used for making tools and weapons. The period lasted roughly 3.4 million years, ending between 6000 BCE and 2000 BCE with the arrival of metalworking.


"I really enjoyed it when Martin shot the arrows in the sky and when he unwrapped the bear skin. "

- Student


Artefacts Created for Workshops

For our Stone Age school visits we have researched and recreated the following artefacts for use during your day:

  • Full set of winter fur clothing for the Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer
  • The weapons and tools he or she would have used to live day by day
  • Samples of the foods and raw materials they would have used
  • A full set of fur-on skins and skulls to represent the animals they would have hunted including bear, wolf, European bison and elk, fox, badger, otter, beaver, lynx and roe and red deer
  • Neolithic early farmers' buckskin clothing
  • The flint axes and antler hoes and picks they would have used to clear the forest
  • A saddle corn quern for grinding down grain into flour
  • A friction fire lighting kit to make fire the prehistoric way Activities Agenda


During a Stone Age history workshop your class will:

  • Roll out our very long timeline tape to show just how long ago the Stone Age was and look at our painted-on leather maps to demonstrate how different the land forms were with Britain still attached to Europe.
  • See teachers dressed as hunters in their thick furs or early farmers in their buckskins.
  • Go outside for a fire lighting demonstration and to witness how high and far a prehistoric bow can shoot.
  • Imagine what life would be like having to hunt and forage from the wild for everything you need from food and drink, to warm clothing and shelter.
  • We can illustrate this with the wide range of reproductions that we have made in exactly the same way our ancestors did.
  • Try on the buckskins and fur clothing we have made to fit them.
  • Enjoy a handling session with the animal furs of everything from a European bison to a bear, wolf and roe deer.
  • A fun quiz where your students try to match 5 furs and 5 skulls with 5 pictures of different animals follows.
  • Everyone can have a turn on the saddle corn quern to get a feel for what hard work it is to mill flour. All part of life's ‘daily grind'!
  • Learn how Stone Age hunter gatherer tribes communicated with other tribes who spoke different languages by signing and reproducing noises of animals.
  • Take part in a question and answer session to finish the visit and reinforce the day's learning. 


"The fire was fantastic because the Stone Age people did that in their caves. Mrs H did try to make fire but she did not have enough puff!"

- Pupil, Battle Abbey Prep


History Resources Box

To enable you to make the most of our visit we provide a History Resources Box* filled with interesting items from your chosen time period absolutely free.

This complementary box will arrive one month prior to your booking and we will collect it at the end of our visit. (Or you can choose to have it for one month after our workshop.) Boxes might include various items from arrow heads and clothing to fire lighting flint and steel, plus all those little items they needed for every day living. Teachers have found these resource boxes brilliant for helping with their programmes of work and lesson plans.

*We regret we can only provide History Resources Boxes to schools within a 10 mile radius of our location at this time (Horam, East Sussex).


Full Day or Half Day School History Workshops

School visits can be booked for:

  • Full Day 09:00 AM - 15:15 PM* - £550+ VAT
  • Half Day 09:00 AM - Lunch (For schools within 15 mile radius of TN21 only) - £375+ VAT

*You may choose to cover 2 different time periods in a full day for a cost effective way to teach different year groups on the same visit.

Don't forget we cover a whole range of historic periods from Stone Age to WW2.


Contact us today and find out how we can bring history to life for your classes. We are based in Horam, near Eastbourne in East Sussex and typically work with schools across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.