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Caxton Printing Press Hire

Hands on History has built a copy of the type of printing press that would have been used by William Caxton in the late 15th century. Made from oak, ash and iron the press has been designed for all ages to use with supervision by our trained staff.

With our large range of printing blocks everyone can experience inking up their choice of block with our water-based, non-toxic and washable ink. Then they can place their inked block into the press and print their own A3 poster to take home.

This has been a very popular activity both at events and schools, where it can be part of a session on paper-making, early hand written books and the use of quill pens and the history and development of printing.

Hands on History can make bespoke printing blocks to help promote your venue or event, such as those we made for Penshurst Place, Leeds and Bodiam Castles.